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Personnel Management Services, LLC is a full service drug testing service. We provide comprehensive testing services including:

  • Drug Detection Assessments
  • DNA and Paternity Testing
  • Workplace Drug Testing
  • Hair Follicle Drug Testing
  • In-home Drug Testing
  • Background Checks

NEW - Drug Detection Assessments!

Drug Detection Wipes

Our Drug Detection Specialists (D-Techs) are trained to use specially designed “wipe and spray” technology that allows us to detect drug residue on all types of surfaces. When an employee has handled illegal drugs, traces can be left on surfaces in your work environment by their fingers and hands.

By having a drug detection assessment, you will be able to determine if drugs are a major issue within your workplace.

RTL Oral!

Buy Testing Supplies Online!

Now you can purchase your testing supplies and services online directly from us! Use our safe, secure website and assure your total privacy.